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An Emmaljunga pram is more than a pram.

It is a Swedish family tradition that stretches back to 1925 when the company founder, Henry L. Persson, manufactured the first Emmaljunga pram in his home village of Emmaljunga in the southern part of Sweden.

Safety, comfort, function and durability with the child in focus, are always at the forefront of our thinking in the development of new products.

Everything made by Emmaljunga, all the prams we have manufactured, all the functions and details that have been developed over our 85 year history, have been done from the perspective of the child. Even though the design and appearance of our products are also important factors when a new pram model or car seat is developed, it is always the child’s safety and comfort which is our focus. The result is that we go our own way.

Our consideration prohibits the addition of any unnecessary details. We do not compromise. Anything that does not fulfil any real function will not be found on an Emmaljunga pram.

Safety, comfort, function and durability guide the development of our products and have done so for over 85 years.

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